Product Review: Hevik Technical T-shirt and pants

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Hevik Technical T-shirt and pants, (£22.97 and £19.69)

Tester Simon Brown

Time used/miles Six months/500 miles

What’s good? The mix of high-tech fibres (Polyamide and Dryarn) has the all wicking properties you’d expect from technical base layers so the gear does a decent job of preventing you getting too sticky in warm weather and makes it easier getting leathers on and off too. I’ve also worn the kit for cold weather riding and it helps keep cold at bay – particularly the ¾ length pants. Not only that, the top doesn’t look too freakish, so it can just about pass as an ordinary T-shirt when you are off the bike (if you can cope with looking like a superannuated clubber). They machine wash fine and dry fast.

What’s not? I’ve found the pants have a habit of rucking up a little when I’m putting on leather jeans. This may be because they are ¾ rather than full length but it’s not a massive issue because you can soon sort them out before heading out riding.

Quality rating 4/5

Value rating 3/5


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Simon Brown

By Simon Brown

MCN Senior Production Editor