Product Review: Kushitani Zylon jeans (£115)

What’s good about the Kushitani Zylon jeans?

I rode more than 2000 miles in five days in these jeans, to Spain and back, and not once did they feel uncomfortable. The jeans are made to order with the rider’s chosen inside leg length, which is included in the price (along with postage and packaging). That’s a massive plus point as some manufacturers only supply their trousers in 34in inside leg, which looks excessively baggy around the boots on shorter riders. The Kushitani material is incredibly light compared to other jeans and it’s easy to forget you’re wearing a protective garment. They look the part and don’t have the tell-tale bike jean hems around the knee area. They’re comfortable all-day long, didn’t leave my legs a sweaty mess when riding in 37°C and look good off the bike too.

And what’s not?

The bum area is too baggy, which lets down the otherwise great fit. And, before you say it, it’s not me – as none of the other motorcycle jeans I’ve tested have this issue.

Time tested

Three months/3000 miles


Quality rating


Value rating


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