Product Review: Forcefield Pro L2 back protector (now L2K)

Product Review: Forcefield Pro L2 back protector (now L2K, £119)

Tested by: Emma Franklin

Time tested: 10 years, 90,000+ miles

What’s good? The relationship between this back protector and I has lasted the test of time, quite literally. It’s been there almost from the very beginning of my riding career and has been through it all; weathers, countries, continents, on-road, off-road, highs and lows. And it’s still in regular use, in fact I trust it so much that, teamed with a Forcefield chest protector, I still rely on it when racing. Made from soft, impact-absorbing material that molds to your body as it warms, and rated to CE Level 2, putting this on my back before every ride is now as natural as wearing a helmet. Once I’ve slipped the elasticated shoulder straps on, and adjusted the wide Velcro waistband to fit, I honestly forget I’m wearing it.

And it’s kept me safe, too. I’ve had some horrible crashes in it – everything from 90mph eggbeaters onto the grass at Pembrey, highsiding at the top of Cadwell’s Gooseneck, and being run over by another bike in Llandow, and each time I’ve luckily walked (limped) away with no injuries to my back, chest or important internal giblets. And what’s more, Forcefield say that the impact-absorbing material doesn’t degrade through impacts, time, or sweaty-ming. And they’re right, subjecting this 10 year-old protector to a CE-equivalent test revealed it would still pass CE Level 2 standards even today. It’s since been superseded by the £119 L2K Evo model, but there’s very little difference between the two.

What’s not? Aesthetically it’s looking a little worse for wear, with the fabric lining having ripped at the tail bone, and the elastic shoulder straps have lost their elasticity but still work well.


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 5/5