Product Review: Rev’It Broadway jeans

Rev’It Broadway jeans £149.99

Tester: Alison Silcox

Time tested: Six weeks/100 miles

What’s good? I have a long inside leg, 33 inches, so struggle to get trousers that are long enough. These are plenty long enough and don’t ride up when I’m on the bike. 

What’s not? These are the single most uncomfortable item of motorcycle clothing I have ever worn. They are a low-rise jean which means the waistband digs into my lower stomach when riding and that is very uncomfortable. I have commuted to work in them a few times, but they’re also uncomfortable off the bike and I didn’t want to wear them through the day so I ended up carrying a change of clothes to wear at work. If I’m going to end up changing I might as well ride in my leathers and have a better level of protection.


Quality rating: 2/5

Value rating: 2/5