Product Review: Forcefield L2K Evo back protector (£119.99)

What’s good about the Forcefield L2K Evo back protector?

Made from soft, highly shock absorbing NitrexEvo material, the L2K Evo is the most comfortable and reassuring back protector I’ve ever used. Once you’ve strapped it on, the L2K warms, softens and moulds to the shape of your back meaning it doesn’t move around or become an annoyance. In fact, you don’t ever give it a second thought. Forcefield say the L2K exceeds the impact absorbing requirements set out by the highest CE Level 2 for back protectors and, having worn a single example of its predecessor for 10 years through a variety of different track crashes, I can honestly vouch for its performance in this area. Its soft construction means that it doesn’t need replacing after an impact, and can go on to give many years of protection. There’s also a specific ladies model featuring a higher waistband for an even better fit.

And what’s not?

Although Forcefield have made concessions towards ventilation, the nature of the L2K’s construction means that it’s not very breathable so a sweaty back on a hot day or hard track session is almost inevitable. But it’s a small price to pay for an excellent safety product.

Time tested

Six months/2000 miles


Quality rating


Value rating