Product Review: RST X Multisport base layers (£29.99 each)

What’s good about the RST X Multisport base layers?

These base layers do exactly what’s promised, fitting tightly and providing a slippery surface that makes it far easier to slide snug leathers on or off, even after a hard session of riding. Trying to get leathers off without something like this underneath is a real wrench, so these are worth investing in (if you can only stretch to the outlay for one then go for the top). These layers are slightly thicker than some other base layers I’ve tried, which adds a helpful layer of insulation on chilly days, and a fleecy feel to the inner surface makes them more comfortable.

And what’s not?

I’m not a fan of the slightly raised neck on the top and the prominent RST branding there, but that’s more a matter of taste than an outright criticism.

Time tested

One year/2000 miles


Quality rating


Value rating