Product Review: Tucano Urbano Agos (£99.99)

What’s good about the Tucano Urbano Agos jacket?

It’s cheap(ish), showerproof and looks like a casual jacket you could comfortably wear down the pub.

And what’s not?

It looks cheap, is only showerproof and is built like a casual jacket that you’d wear down the pub. I’ve worn the Agos only a handful of times because it has some major issues as a motorcycle jacket. The polyester material is lightweight (think anorak) and this not only causes the jacket to flap about at speeds above 40mph but on motorcycles with high bars, such as cruisers, the wind catches under the cuffs and rolls your sleeves up for you. Almost pleasant on a hot day, less so in November (this could have been prevented with a Velcro cuff adjuster instead of a press stud). This is also the reason I can only say the jacket is showerproof – it’s not that the material itself isn’t waterproof but it’s unlikely you’d want to wear it in anything heavier than a shower. It’s not that warm either, probably OK for city riding in Mediterranean climates but not the UK. While most of the jacket is neatly stitched together, an edge of the lining by the main zip is fraying slightly. There are armour pockets at the elbows and shoulders but the CE-approved armour costs £20 extra.

Time tested

Six months/100 miles


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