Product Review: Oxford Warm Dry top (£29.99) and trousers (£29.99)

What’s good about the Oxford Warm Dry top and trousers?

I’ve always used basic and cheap layers I bought from a hiking shop years ago to keep me warm on my weekly commute from Peterborough to Devon - and thought I could get away with using them indefinitely. But these thermal layers from Oxford have turned that idea on its head. They were a revelation to me, keeping my core and legs warm and making rides through the cold more bearable and more importantly safer as my concentration stays sharper for longer.

They have highlighted the importance of layering properly and I wouldn’t be without them now. On occasion, when combined with the thermal layer in my jacket, I can be too warm and that is definitely not a bad thing as I can simply change top and continue riding in comfort.

And what’s not?

They’re simple and functional and do exactly their job perfectly.

Time tested

Two months/2800 miles


Quality rating


Value rating