Product Review: Draggin Twista Kevlar jeans (£219.99)

What’s good about the Draggin Twista Kevlar jeans?

I’ve worn these slim-fit Kevlar jeans for commuting, MCN road tests, a 3500-mile European summer riding trip and…sitting around the office. They have a real feeling of quality and it’s obvious they’re built to withstand a get-off. Fortunately I haven’t tested that side of them…But despite their ruggedness they’re comfortable to wear on and off a bike. The Draggin’s ‘Roomoto’ lining keeps you warm on chilly days, but won’t stick to you uncomfortably when you’re riding in mid-August summer heat. They come with CE-approved knee armour, which, unlike a lot of riding jeans I’ve tried, stays in place to protect your knees when your legs are bent on a bike.

And what’s not?

I can only wear ankle-high bike boots with these jeans, due to their narrow cut, so when it rains my feet get wet, even with waterproofs over the top. Conventional boots won’t fit underneath.

Time tested

Five months/5000 miles


Quality rating


Value rating