Product Review: Knox Jacob Dry Inside Base Layer (£54.99)

What’s good about the Knox Jacob Dry Inside base layer?

Base layers are a good idea to wick sweat away from the skin and help us stay warm in winter. But polyester ones quickly get whiffy, while others are skin-tight and would be very flattering on someone with the athletic dedication to gain a six-pack. Sadly my athletic dedication runs out at lifting the ringpulls on a six-pack. That’s where merino-based layers like this are very useful. This one is made from a mixture of Merino wool, which won’t soak up moisture, and synthetic fabrics. It works well at being breathable and keeping me warm and the casual fit means I don’t look as though I’m in denial over my Olympic potential.

And what’s not?

Can I really review a £55 long-sleeved top without making reference to the £55 pricetag? No, I can’t. But it’s very pleasant to wear and is made in Knox’s factory in the Lake District, not out in the Far East.

Time tested

Six months/1000 miles


Quality rating


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