Product Review: Draggin Jeans Next Gen (£219.99)

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What’s good about the Draggin Jeans Next Gen?

I wanted a pair of jeans I could wear on my 20-minute ride to work that I could then wear through the day and on the ride home again. Messing about changing trousers at each end of my journey wasted the time I’d saved by going to work on a bike. Draggin’s Next Gen jeans offer that ease of use and style with a decent level of protection. The Kevlar construction means they should stand up to a slide down the road and there are no external joining seams to wear away in a spill. Also, they come with pockets for knee and hip protection. Buy Draggin’s knee and hip armour to slide into place and it’ll add £33 to the already steep price tag.

And what’s not?

Over £200 for a pair of jeans is hard to swallow, but over £200 for a pair of protective trousers you can wear for riding, work or down the pub seems more palatable. They are thick and come with Draggin’s Roomoto lining, which is comfortable but warm. They are meant to be breathable but as soon as temperatures rise into the teens they are hot to wear, so you have to change into a normal pair of jeans, which negates the whole point (for me). The lining gathers around the knee pockets although zips and seams are intact after a year of all-weather use.

Time tested

12 months/3000 miles


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Andy Calton

By Andy Calton

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