Product Review: Alpinestars MX Mud jacket (£44.99)

What’s good about the Alpinestars MX Mud jacket?

I used this jacket at all of the All Terrain Rally Challenge races I entered in 2015. It’s a essentially a tough see-through plastic jacket that goes over off-road armour and a race shirt. It’s brilliant at keeping off the worst of the rain and particularly wind, which in turn keeps me warm – a major asset in some of the freezing races I’ve been involved in. While the thought of wearing a plastic jacket conjures up images of excessive sweating, there’s no worry as there are large mesh vents running down either side of the jacket. This is an essential and well-used item in my off-road kit.

And what’s not?

This is my second mud jacket from Alpinestars. My first one began to split around the collar and unfortunately my second one is doing exactly the same. The likely cause is the high-speed riding and resulting wind damage.

Time tested

Six months/750 miles


Quality rating


Value rating