Product Review: Knox Cold Killers sports top (£59.99)

What’s good about the Knox Cold Killers sports top?

This well-made top replaces a regular jumper or hoodie while I’m riding. I’ve been wearing it under my regular winter kit along with a standard t-shirt and a base layer underneath. That combination has been fine for a 90-mile ride even in single-figure temperatures.

It’s windproof at the front and breathable at the rear; keeps me warm but stops me getting a sweaty back when the temperature does increase. I’ve used the Sport top countless times through winter and found it faultless. It’s really comfortable, fits snugly with elasticated wrists so it’s easy to fit sleeves into winter gloves. 

And what’s not?

I like the styling but others may find it a little bland. At £60 it’s not cheap but it does feel quality. 

Time tested

Four months/3500 miles


Quality rating


Value rating