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In the market for a new exhaust system? MCN’s readers who responded to our Biking Britain survey give you their top 10 right here.

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1. Akrapovic Racing £973 (2008/09 R6)
A high-quality stainless steel exhaust system made from conical tubes with precision handcrafting. It’s identical to the runner-up Evolution system with the only difference being slightly lesser-spec materials. The system uses hydroforming technology which optimises exhaust gas flow to give optimum performance. Homologated street legal versions are available.
Noise: 4%
Mid Power: 25%
Value for money: 1%
Peak Power: 67%
Ease of fitting: 1%
Quality of manufacture: 2%
2. Akrapovic Evo £2050 (2009 R1)
The Evolution system is the flagship of the entire Akrapovic range – the fruit of success in the World’s top racing series’. Akrapovic call it the finest system available! Each model is unique and made entirely from titanium with the silencer sleeve available in carbon fibre if requested. Street legal versions are available.
Noise: 4%
Mid Power: 25%
Peak Power: 63%
Quality of manufacture: 8%
3. Jim Lomas £632.50 (For Suzuki RGV250)
Jim Lomas exhausts are designed solely for high performance two-stroke machines, and the firm has over 20 years of race-bred experience. In fact, Jim Lomas pipes were the first ever two-stroke exhausts to be hand-made in stainless steel. Options are open between stainless or mild steel expansions and silencer choice is between aluminium, titanium or carbon.
Mid Power: 8%
Peak Power: 84%
Ease of fitting: 8%
4. Yoshimura R-55 £1188.65
According to the manufacturer, the R-55 is Yoshimura's newest and most exclusive exhaust system (this one to fit GSX-R600/750K9). This full system features the new R-55 stubby Moto-GP profile muffler with a carbon fibre endcap. Performance levels are raised thanks to stainless steel headers and mid-pipe and step-by-step instructions and all necessary hardware for installation is available.
Noise: 2%
Longevity: 2%
Mid Power: 23%
Value for money: 2%
Peak Power: 53%
Ease of fitting: 2%
Quality of manufacture: 16%
5. Tyga Performance  £680
Like the Jim Lomas pipes that have come in third, Tyga Performance exhausts are top quality, gorgeously hand-crafted high-performance two-stroke systems. Mild steel or stainless expansions are available, and also a choice on this RGV250 set-up of having the two pipes stacked or one either side of the rear wheel like the standard format of the Honda NSR250’s. Carbon, carbon Kevlar and aluminium silencers are available. Available in the UK from
Noise: 25%
Peak Power: 75%
6. Leo Vince Superbike £1085 (For GSX-R600K9)
The full Superbike system is a result of years of competing on the World Superbike and MotoGP stage. The header pipes are made from stainless steel and the silencer has carbon fibre endcaps but with a choice of carbon or titanium sleeves on the muffler itself. All attaching brackets are carbon and each model is bike specific. This system fits the current Suzuki GSX-R600.
Noise: 11%
Mid Power: 26%
Peak Power: 48%
Quality of manufacture: 15%
7. Arrow Competition £1267.81 (’09 Fireblade)
The Competition system is completely TIG welded in the choice of full titanium or with the headers in stainless steel. In both cases the exhausts have a built-in plug to fit an oxygen sensor, so that you can check and change easily and quickly the ECU settings, depending on track and weather conditions.. A version of the silencer is available, with a carbon rear endcap and a removable dB killer is an option for road use.
Noise: 14%
Mid Power: 25%
Value for money: 6%
Peak Power: 40%
Quality of manufacture: 15%
8. Scorpion Race System £718
Scorpion exhausts do a complete range of slip-on and systems for a full range of machinery, including this brand new catalytic converter eliminating system for the GSX-R1000K9. They come with a crash damage guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty. Silencer options are stainless, carbon, satin titanium or flame titanium.
Noise: 10%
Longevity: 1%
Mid Power: 30%
Value for money: 3%
Peak Power: 40%
Ease of fitting: 5%
Quality of manufacture: 11%
9. Arrow Street 2T £277.92
This is the Arrow specifically designed system for two stroke performance machines. Made from special sheet metal with a reduced thickness, the expansions are hand-made using a oxy-acetilene welding process. The mufflers are surface-treated with a special transparent, heat-proof, paint. Traditional slim-lined silencers or a new diamond-shaped sleeve are available in a choice of titanium, Kevlar and carbon finishes. This is the RS125 Aprilia system – RGV250 and RS250 Aprilia systems are around the £525 mark.
Mid Power: 31%
Peak Power: 54%
Quality of manufacture: 15%
10. Motad Nexxus £198.62 (For Honda CB125)
All Motad systems are carefully designed to fit easily without any other modifications to the machine and are aimed at more traditional naked and commuter bikes rather than outright sportsbikes. Each one is triple layer chrome plated to B1224 (which achieves Condition four- severe external use). If your original exhaust is damaged or corroded, Motad provides the U.K.'s leading replacement system in an efficient and cost effective package carefully designed to offer maximum power and efficiency.
Longevity: 10%
Mid Power: 13%
Value for money: 3%
Peak Power: 13%
Ease of fitting: 38%
Quality of manufacture: 23%

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