Leo Vince GP exhaust on MCN's Suzuki Gladius

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It had to happen ­ the standard silencer has come off the little Gladis and has been replaced with a gorgeous hand-welded megaphone Leo Vince GP silencer (www.motogb.com) which cost £380.

The difference in looks is drastic, and doing the mammogram-style hand-weight test showed a massive difference in overall weight ­ you¹d struggle holding the standard silencer in one hand!

The performance difference, however, isn¹t as noticeable without strapping the bike on to a dyno. But there's one other area in which the Leo Vince can has made a massive difference ­ the smaller overall size means it won't be dragging on the tarmac like the standard one did at more extreme angles of lean!

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Rob Hull

By Rob Hull