Is it normal for my downpipes to glow?

Q. I have just got a 2009 KTM RC8 and I have noticed that when I start it from cold that the downpipes glow red even before it’s reached full temperature.Is this normal?
Jim Datchler, email

A. The downpipes are made of a single skin of stainless steel and are quite short, so any heat build-up is quite concentrated and uninsulated by a second skin of steel.

When the engine first starts up it is running quite rich, so unburnt fuel gets into the exhaust system. This is picked up by lambda sensors, so the secondary air system will bleed in air to clean up these emissions and also increase the heat to get the catalytic converters to light up.

Once the bike is on the move and the engine has settled down, this heat should dissipate. If you are still worried it would be worth gtting the engine mapping checked at a dealer.

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