Product Review: Remus Hexacone exhaust for KTM 1050 Adventure (£674)

What’s good about the Remus Hexacone?

The days of automatically replacing a bike’s exhaust can may have gone, as manufacturers more effectively integrate the silencer into the overall design, but some bikes still need a new exhaust. And KTM’s new 1050 Adventure is one of those bikes. I ran one as a long-term test bike this year and this Remus Hexacone improved the bike considerably. It looks better than the large, square-edged original, improves the sound greatly as well as masking some of the voluminous mechanical noise from the 1050 engine and also slightly improves the initial pick-up on the throttle. With the baffle removed it’s too loud for my tastes, but it’s easy to reinstall to give a sound improvement without deafening anyone. The build quality is excellent and the fitting instructions are easy to follow.

And what’s not?

Remus make no big claims for power increases, but that’s not what attracted me to it – I wanted improved sound and looks, not a power hike.

Time tested

Five months/5000 miles


Quality rating


Value rating


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