Glove review: Hein Gericke Storm

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Best thing about it: They’re the most comfortable bike gloves I’ve owned and still waterproof after a decade.

I’ve tried other all-season gloves with more conspicuous protection but have always reverted to these. Fleece lining and supple leather make them as comfy as a pair of old house slippers.

The soft-ish leather shows only slight signs of wear, there are no split seams and I still use them most times I ride. I’ve had them so long I’d forgotten their price and was astonished by the value for money when I checked.

Worst thing about it: They’re not warm enough for the worst weather Britain has to offer – but they are ‘all-season’ rather than ‘winter’ gloves, so can be forgiven.

The absence of hard armour and wrist straps leaves me wondering how they’d fare in a crash. Luckily I’ve not had call to find out and must give them the benefit of the doubt.

Stars (out of five): *****

Product: Hein Gericke Storm all season gloves
Cost: £29.99
Still available? No. Superseded by Limit gloves, £24.99:
Miles covered: 10,000+
Time owned: 10 years

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell