Motorcycle glove review: Aerostich Triple Digit Rain Covers

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Aerostich Triple Digit Rain Covers, $47 (£30)

Miles covered/time: Rain miles only/13 months

What’s good? These over-gloves fold down to nothing so they can fit nicely into your pocket, ready for the odd down pour.

The top of the glove has an elastic draw cord to create a snug fit around the top, with Velcro fasteners across the back of the wrist for adjustment.

My favourite touch is the left thumb visor squeegee, which makes a huge difference in heavy rain.

Having three digits is a nice touch, as opposed to traditional mitts; it allows you still to use two fingers to operate either the brake or the clutch.

Made from a thin ripstop laminated nylon, they are very well finished outside and in, with taped seams for better weatherproofing. I don’t go out without them.

What’s not? Once you have both gloves on it can be a little tricky to adjust one glove with the other, as the material can be a little slippery against itself.


Rating: 3/5

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Simon Relph

By Simon Relph

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