JTS Summer Glove

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JTS Summer Glove £31.99

Miles covered/time: 2000/three months

What’s good: The air vents actually work and I can feel a cool breeze flowing through my fingers and over the top of my hand. The XXL size fits me perfectly, usually the larger sizes are too roomy around the wrist but these gloves fit like, well… erm… a glove. Also other gloves I’ve worn haven’t lasted more than 12 months before holes have appeared, the leather feels quite thick with these so I’m hoping they’ll have a longer life span.

What’s not: The only problem I can find with these gloves is that the vents in the left hand work slightly less than the right, which is a little annoying at times but hardly noticeable. 

Contact: www.jtsbikerclothing.com

Rating: 4/5

Get yours at MCNshop.com

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James Capell

By James Capell