Alpinestars Jet Road Gore-Tex

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Alpinestars Jet Road Gore-Tex glove, £99.95
Miles covered/time:
4500/two months

What’s good: Stylish winter gloves – who would have thought it? And they are 100% waterproof, too! I’ve done three hours in non-stop heavy rain and still my hands remained dry.

There’s a double cuff design which means it stops rain running down your arm into your glove as long as you have them on securely (see grumble below).

Knuckle and finger protection like a race glove’s gives a secure feeling and I love the day-glo yellow (the brighter the better in winter). There’s even reflective piping that makes you even more visible at night.

What’s not: It’s awkward to get the cuffs right on the gloves as they’re designed to go over your sleeves and the zips are hard to grab hold of. If you prefer your gloves to go inside your sleeves you won’t like these.

However once you get used to them, they are watertight and secure. They just take a little getting used to.

Rating: 4/5
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Adam Child

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