Glove review: Oxford Chillout Essential Inner Gloves

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Oxford Chillout Essential Inner Gloves, £15.99
Miles covered/time:
400/two weeks

What’s good: As part of the Chillout range, their polyester construction is relatively durable and keeps out drafts and the icier bite of the winter air. You can wear them as general non-biking gloves if you’ve nothing better to hand.

What’s not: They’re too bulky to fit inside any but the softest and roomiest winter gloves, and if you wear them under well-fitting race or summer gloves your hands will be too stiff to move.

This pretty much means they’ve failed in their primary purpose: to fit seamlessly under your gloves.

The stitching on the inside is also quite rough and abrasive, making them not particularly fun to wear. With all this to consider, they’re difficult to recommend.

Rating: 2/5

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Dan Aspel

By Dan Aspel