Glove review: Spada Elite

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Spada Elite Glove £79.99
Miles covered/time:
1700/nine months

What’s good? I first wore these on a hot day in the summer. They really did feel lovely – you can’t beat the feeling of new gloves – but the only problem was that, after about 20 minutes, my hands were positively wet with sweat.

So these needed to be saved for cool evenings and eventually the colder months. Now in the grips of winter, these gloves are coming into their own.

The inner palms have a lining that’s claimed to draw away moisture; I think my sweaty mitts overwhelmed it during the summer.

Once on the gloves are very comfortable, but do take care when you are taking them off as the lining can try to sneak out with your fingers.

There’s plenty of protection catering for all of your knuckles, plus a Kevlar lining to the back of the hand. One very useful feature is the visor wipe on the thumb. All in all a very nice glove.

What’s not? A little bit of a pain to put on, what with all the Velcro flaps and straps. Having said that, they are there to keep the gloves firmly on you hands.

Rating: 4/5

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Simon Relph

By Simon Relph

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