Gloves review: Cold Killers City Gloves

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Cold Killers City Gloves, £19.99
Time owned:
One year/800 miles

What’s good: Not only are these fleece-lined urban commuter gloves cosy, exceedingly affordable and terribly understated, they’re also very warm, water repellent and screw up into your pocket when not in use. If I’m just nipping into town these are often the gloves I’ll grab on the way out of the door. The stitching seems robust enough to cope with a very low speed slide. The Velcro closure if lovely and simple. These gloves also get regular dog walking and cycling use in the Abbott household.

What’s not: As you might have noticed, they’re really not the most protective glove for use on a motorcycle. That said, they make no such claim. Amazingly, and I know this might sound silly, they have been known to get too toasty – especially in stop/start city traffic.

Rating: 3/5

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott