Weise Street Fight

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Weise Street Fight gloves (superseded by Vagos), £39.99
Miles covered/time:
2500/four months

What’s good: For what they are, these are perfect. A lightweight summer motorcycle glove with enough knuckle armour and full grain leather-palmed goodness to keep you feeling safe during 90% of your riding.

The short cut is extremely well judged – fitting up against your jacket without riding over or under – and the adjustable Velcro strap is flexible, secure and comfortable. They’re very well ventilated and absolutely ideal for summer riding or spring/summer/night riding when combined with heated grips.

Slipping them on and off couldn’t be easier, and they’re thin enough to completely forget about once they’re on. For comfort, I’ve worn nothing better.

What’s not: I can’t fault them. The Weise Street Fight gloves are exactly what they claim to be. The name reminds me of Capcom’s arcade classic “Street Fighter 2”, which is yet another plus.

Contact: www.weise-clothing.co.uk
Rating: 5/5


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Dan Aspel

By Dan Aspel