Glove review: Revit Alaska GTX

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Revit Alaska GTX gloves, £119.99
Miles covered/time:
2000/two months

What’s good: The Alaska GTX Gore Tex winter gloves are exquisitely made, 100% waterproof and superbly comfortable. The cuffs are thin enough to fit under a winter jacket and secured with two easy to use Velcro straps.

I’ve worn the Alaskas through Jan and Feb and they’ve kept my hands warm down to 5°C. Past freezing they’re just about bearable. The hard amour on knuckles and palm is unobtrusive and the fleecy lining snug.

What’s not: The world of glove manufacturing has gone barmy these days with sizes bearing no resemblance to actual hand sizes. I’d say my hand size is large or at a push XL, yet in the Alaska GT I’m an XXL (bear that in mind if you order them online).

The visor wipe on the left index finger is too stiff to work properly otherwise the Alaskas are excellent if a little pricey.

Rating: 4/5

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Ped Baker

By Ped Baker

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