Glove review: Weise Victory

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Weise Victory gloves, £39

Miles covered/time:
8000/18 months months

What’s good? The last time I reviewed these gloves, I’d travelled 1000 miles in them and owned them for the tail-end of spring 2010. An extra year of fine weather usage has served only to enforce my belief in them.

Protection isn’t carbon-clad and obvious, but there are elements of armour there; they look classy, too, and they’ve never allowed my hands to overheat in the height of summer.

The real boon is that they cost less than £40 – that’s good enough for me to upgrade them from a four- to five-star rating. I’ve rarely had them off my hands this year.

What’s not? They’re not winterproof, but I’ve applied a waterproof treatment which has sorted this.

Rating: 5/5


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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott