Glove review: Weise Custom

Weise Custom glove, £34.99
Miles covered/time:
5500/three years

What’s good: Since I last reviewed these gloves, just over a year ago, they’ve become my regular mitt of choice, what with the unpredictable temperate climate we contend with on a daily basis.

At the end of last year I crashed in them. Quickly. They have no hard protection, but it seems the impulse to “tuck and roll” saved my hands from the worst.

However, all they have to show for a tarmac collision at 65mph is a few nicks in the leather on the backs of the hands. I still wear them daily.

Unlike many products, their price has not risen in the intervening months, either.

What’s not: After three years of use, the inner lining is starting to become detached from the outer, meaning a bit of poking about with ones fingers becomes necessary before setting off, especially if you’ve worn them on a surprisingly hot day.

They’re still largely waterproof, however, as long as you’re not travelling for hours on end in torrential rain.

Rating: 4/5