Weise Montana gloves

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Weise Montana gloves, £64.99

Miles covered/time: 500/one month

What's good: The leather and polyester construction of these gloves is pretty much spot on for this time of year. The leather on the palms means they don’t feel like bulky winter gloves, and give plenty of feel for the throttle, brakes and clutch, while the polyester on the rest of the glove keeps my hands insulated and dry. So far not a single drop of water has got through thanks to the polyester and Hipora liner. The huge, adjustable outer cuff makes sure no water trickles down your sleeves and under the cuff, while the inner cuff is there in case any water should get through. While a lot of winter gloves seem to settle for soft, foam knuckle armour, these have plastic shell armour on the knuckles.

What's not: The elasticated cuff that goes under your sleeves can be a little tricky to get into position with one glove already on, but the outer, adjustable cuff is so good that the inner cuff is pretty much redundant.

Contact: www.weise-clothing.co.uk

Rating: 5/5


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