Glove review: Alpinestars Techstar off-road

Alpinestars Techstar off-road gloves, £29.99
Time used:
Five months

What's good: They’re exceptionally thin, offering a level of feel you can only dream of when wearing road gloves.

The venting works extremely well at keeping your hands cool when you’re hanging on for dear life as you career down yet another hill completely out of control. Since they’re so thin they’re comfy and the synthetic leather palm provides plenty of grip.

The lack of thickness means you don’t really know you’ve got them on and you don’t need to take them off to do up your helmet strap or fiddle with zips where you’d normally need to take your gloves off. They’re not bank-breakers, either.

What's not: You (or at least I) fall off a lot more riding off-road, yet these gloves are little more than fabric with no protection whatsoever. Surely it would make sense to add at least some protection?

Rating: 4/5

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