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Revit Tarmac gloves, £134.99
Miles covered/time:
3000/five months

What's good? These have become my go-to pair of gloves; they took a couple of hundred miles to properly bed in, but since then they’ve been amazingly comfy.

The leather is soft and supple and none of the armour digs in anywhere on long rides as it does with some gloves.

The hard armour on the knuckles and back of the hand feels rock solid, as does the palm slider, which doesn’t get in the way while riding.

Though they’re summer gloves, they’re not overly vented, meaning I’m still using them towards the end of September. Just. But there’s enough venting to stop your hands getting sweaty in the middle of summer.

What's not? The cuffs could do with been a bit wider and longer, as I struggle to get them over the top of some jacket sleeves, especially when the jackets have the lining in.

Revit gloves are slightly smaller than most gloves so go for the next size up or, if you can, try before you buy. They loosen up slightly once bedded in and become very comfy.

Rating: 5/5

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