Gloves Review: Alpinestars GP Plus gloves

Alpinestars GP Plus gloves, £99.99 (2003 price, modern equivalent £89.99)

Time tested: 35000+ miles

What’s good? I’ve had these gloves since I did my CBT in 2003, they have seen use on pretty much every bike I have ever ridden and they haven’t disappointed. Back then, I had to save for ages to buy my first bike kit and these were the ‘cool’ gloves I had my eyes on for at least a year before I bought them. They’ve seen rain, snow, extreme heat and everything in between and they’ve coped admirably. One minor car park spill was the most crashing they have ever seen but they held out fine. Now looking like a vintage glove, which I believe Alpinestars should produce, they have a very cool colouring as the original black has been washed out of the leather and produced a grey retro finish.

They’re as comfy as my favourite pair of shoes and I’ll be sad to see the day when they give up and can ride no more.

What’s not? The Velcro closure has seen better days, that’s not Alpinestars’ fault, I imagine Velcro isn’t meant to work quite so hard for 10 years.
A tiny bit of stitching has worked itself loose but again, that’s just being picky and they have seen quite a bit of action.


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 5/5

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