Gloves Review: Weise Victory gloves

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Weise Victory gloves, £44.99

Time tested: 7000 miles/three months

What’s good? They’re gloves for people who don’t really want to wear gloves. You won’t find a pair that imposes less of a barrier between hand and twistgrip. There are no clumsy gauntlets to fit over or under cuffs, just a Velcro wrist strap on the back. A degree of protection appears to be retained, with armour at the knuckle. They’re nicely styled, or at least I think so.   

What’s not? The tan finish quickly rubbed off at the knuckles and fingers, revealing a darker shade of tan underneath (why not just make them that colour?). Someone recently asked if I’d crashed in them, deceived by the deteriorating finish. In rain, your hands become yellow as well as wet. They offer very little warmth and are not for those requiring optimum protection. To put the price in perspective, I’ve got a pair of all-season Buffalo gloves, with gauntlets and lots of armour, which are still 100% waterproof after four years and only cost £5 more. Nevertheless I like the Weise gloves, and they’re not supposed to be waterproof. They make summertime motorcycling easier. 


Quality rating: 3/5

Value rating: 3/5


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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell