Gloves Review: Halvarssons Dino Gloves

Halvarssons Dino Gloves, £99

Tester: Alison Silcox

Time tested: Over 5000 miles/six years

What’s good? With summer hinting at its arrival I’ve dug out my leather gloves. I have quite large hands for a lady and wear a size eight men’s rather than a pair of women’s gloves, but this has never been a problem. After an initial breaking-in period when they were quite stiff, they have been very comfortable.

What’s not? The hard knuckle armour took a little getting used to, as I’d previously only worn gloves with soft armour, but since breaking them in, they’ve been fine. The light-coloured palms are showing a little discolouration from contact with handlebar grips, but that really is just being picky.


Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating:4/5

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