Gloves Review: Furygan AFS8 Evo

Furygan AFS8 Evo, £99.99 (discontinued, now AFS10 Evo - £119.99)


Tester: Tony Hoare


Time tested: 6000 miles/two years

What’s good? Feel through the palms is great, especially once they’ve broken in, and the protection stood up well to my crash. The plastic slider on the heel of the palm has done its job, though is now thinner than before, as have the reinforcements elsewhere on the glove, such as on the thumbs.

What’s not? They take a while to bed in, and the exposed seam on the left forefinger wore through in the crash, creating a hole that thankfully wasn’t big enough for a finger to poke through. The ventilation is very effective, so they’re chilly for use on the road.


Quality rating: 3/5

Value rating: 3/5


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