Product Review: Knox Recon touring gloves

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Knox Recon touring gloves, £89.99 (£64.99 on

Time tested: Three months/2000 miles

What’s good?  These are my go-to gloves for any longer distance riding. The Boa wrist closure system – a bit like that used on ski boots – might look complicated, but it means the gloves seal around your my perfectly – I’ve never got any moisture in there at all, and it releases instantly, by pulling up the tensioner. The gloves themselves are made from soft leather, and they’re very comfortable, while still having decent hard armour on the knuckles, scaphoid and fingers. For leather gloves, they’re quite warm even now it’s starting to get cold. They’re not waterproof, as you’d expect for leather, but they’ll keep out the rain for the first hour or so, even in fairly heavy showers.

What’s not? The closure system can be a bit fiddly to close – if I haven’t got the cuffs tucked in right, it tends to bunch up and I have to loosen it then retighten. I’ve got used to sorting it before I close it, though, and it’s worth the hassle for the secure feel around the wrist.


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 4/5

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