Product Review: Rev’It Oceanus gloves

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Rev’It Oceanus gloves, £99.99

Time tested: Five months/2000 miles

What’s good? The Gore-Tex certainly works on these gloves – they’ve kept every drop of water out in the five months I’ve been wearing them and they don’t hold water either, like some waterproof gloves, which means they don’t get heavy or become wet to the touch. The tri-fleece liner is lovely and soft and doesn’t do a terrible job at keeping your hands warm - they’re better than my previous Weise gloves, at least. It must be a difficult task to design winter gloves, balancing warmth with thickness, but Rev’It have done a good job here. They’re quite a thick pair of gloves but they’re soft enough not to affect feel at the levers.

What’s not? The Velcro closure on the inside of the wrist seems to be the weak point of these gloves. The Velcro on one hand has already started to fray after only a few months of use and they seem to be positioned a little oddly, for my hands at least. The straps are a little too far up, meaning they’re almost on the bottom of my hands instead of my wrists. It’s not a massive issue, but it’s a little annoying and I always feel like I can’t adjust them to exactly how I’d like. The price is a bit steep for my liking, especially when you consider the fact there’s almost no crash protection and you can get a pair of heated gloves for just a few bob more which will do a much better job when the temperature really drops. If you’re one for wearing your cuffs over your sleeves then you may struggle here as the cuffs are fairly short. I can’t get them over my sleeves but they fit nicely and comfortably underneath.

Quality rating: 3/5
Value rating: 3/5

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Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

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