Product Review: Knox Handroid CE gloves

Knox Handroid CE gloves, £169.99

Time tested:  North West 200 and TT fortnight (1000 miles)

What’s good? This is the third time I’ve worn Knox gloves at the TT, and these are the second generation gloves that are now CE-approved. They have also changed the small venting spoiler on the back of the knuckles to make it sturdier. I actually lost a vent at the North West three years ago on the prototype glove. But these were faultless at the TT. The feel is excellent through the kangaroo palm, and despite the huge amount of fast miles I suffered no blisters.  All I want to think about at the TT and North West is the next apex, the next corner - not my kit. I never had to think twice about my gloves, which means they were perfect. The protection appears excellent, plenty of protection on my palms and wrists, unlike some gloves. I also like the way they are easy to adjust, as I’m forever twitching and playing with my gloves before the race. At just shy of £170 I don’t think they are badly priced either.

What’s not? For my tastes they are a bit flash and ‘look at me’ when I’d prefer understated. I’m forever being asked about them as everyone thinks I’m minted because they look so expensive.

Quality rating: 5/5
Value rating: 5/5