Product Review: Arc-on Competizione gloves

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Arc-on Competizione gloves, £140

Time tested: 16 weeks

What’s good? This is a substantial glove with intimate feel and sensible design. It has a mountain of catalogue-topping spec – kangaroo hide, bomb-proof stingray inserts on the cuffs and palm, titanium and carbon knuckle armour, grippy Kevlar matting on finger tips and other contact points – but, crucially, none of it gets in the way of basic comfort and usability. I particularly like the extended cuff, which ensures a three-inch overlap with sleeves, and the detailing in the fingers. They are pre-curved – normal enough – and also externally stitched for proper all-day comfort, and elasticated for a snug fit too. 

What’s not? There’s little venting and plenty of natural warmth in the Competiziones, which can be good (Anglesey track day in March, for example) as well as a bad.

Quality rating 4/5
Value rating 4/5

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Tim Thompson

By Tim Thompson

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