Product Review: Held Titan gloves

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Product Review: Held Titan gloves (now Evo, £249.99)

Tested by: Emma Franklin

Time tested: Five years/6500 miles

What’s good?
These are the gloves that refuse to die. The Held Titans (now superseded by the Titan Evo) are the best-made sports gloves on the market. Made from tough kangaroo leather with tougher faux-stingray panels on the heel of the palm and outer cuff for extra abrasion resistance, these gloves have survived many tumbles and remain totally intact. Their structured construction instils a sense of security and makes all other race gloves feel like they’ve been made for gardening, not sports riding.

What’s not?
I managed to bash off the titanium knuckle plate on the right glove when I smashed it against the ground in one particular crash, but it’s not compromised protection.  


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 5/5


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Emma Franklin

By Emma Franklin

Deputy Editor, road tester, club racer