Product Review: Spada Forty4 Driver Glove

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Spada Forty4 Driver Glove, £39.95

Tester Simon Brown

Time tested 500 miles/one month

What’s good? These shorty gloves are dead comfy in summer thanks to perforated leather on the backs of the hand/thumb and there’s decent feel for the controls too – as you’d expect from lightweight handgear like this. The price is attractive, too, and if you aren’t keen on the sand colour you’ll be pleased to hear they also come in black.

What’s not? While I’m happy to wear them on quick jaunts, I’m less happy keen on using them for high-speed, long-distance riding because the elasticated wrist/Velcro restraint doesn’t make me feel sufficiently secure. If the Velcro offered more adjustment, I’d be much more convinced they wouldn’t come off in a spill.


Quality rating 3/5

Value rating 4/5



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Simon Brown

By Simon Brown

MCN Senior Production Editor