Product Review: Racer Stratos 2 (£139.99)

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What’s good about the Racer Stratos 2 gloves?

Racer have thought everything through to come up with a pair of gloves that do the job without looking flash or being packed with extraneous features. Expensive, yes, but your cash gets you gloves which are comfortable from the off, have a wrist restraint that wraps right around for extra security and a Gore-Tex membrane which performed well during heavy rain showers and extreme spray on a motorway trip from Kent to Northants. Crash protection comes thanks to extra layers of leather on the palm, hard knuckle armour and cushioning on the fingers. Meanwhile the cuff is long enough to provide a decent sleeve overlap and is easy to fit under jacket cuffs if that is your preference. My favourite thing? There’s a pukka visor wipe on the left thumb so I can keep my vision clear in poor conditions. They come in sizes S-XL in black only.

And what’s not?

The wrist restraint is a little narrow, so you have to be sure to marry up the Velcro areas accurately, and the flipside to having a cuff that tucks easily into your sleeve is that there is a lack of wrist armour. And that price seems steep.

Time tested

Six weeks/1000 miles


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Simon Brown

By Simon Brown

MCN Senior Production Editor