Product Review: Alpinestars Vega Drystar gloves (£89.99)

What’s good about the Alpinestars Vega Drystar?

These Vega Drystar gloves claim to be ‘all-weather’, but I only ever wear them when it’s raining and above freezing. I’ve found them to be well stitched together, with no obvious signs of wear or tear after around 3000 miles of wet use. The cuff system is Velcro at both the main closure and the wrist one, both offering a good level of adjustability, and neither show any signs of furring or degradation yet. There’s a little finger bridge to help stop rotation and separation in an off, and the goat hide and suede construction is exceptionally comfortable. They’ve also proved to be waterproof, so far.

And what’s not?

They may be all-weather, but they’re not four-season gloves. Head into the depths of a British winter and they’re too thin and lightweight to cope with the temperature, freezing your fingers off at below zero. The lack of protection also confuses me a little, and while it’s got a hard carbon-fibre knuckle guard, there’s very little else in the way of protection, which I always think I’m more likely to need in poor weather on cold tarmac than I am in the summer. If you try putting them on with wet hands, they’re almost impossible to fight your way into, too.

Time tested

One year/3000 miles


Quality rating


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