Product Review: Oxford RP-5 gloves (£39.99)

What’s good about the Oxford RP-5?

These gloves give a fairly decent product for not very much money. It’s hard to point at stand out features, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing - they’re a straightforward product that gives decent value for money. The gloves fit me well and offer good feel for the grips of the bike. The middle two fingers of the gloves also feature a mesh on the inner finger that helps keep my mitts cool on the hotter days too.

And what’s not?

The knuckle armour isn’t very inspiring. It feels like a thin piece of plastic has been moulded around a rough knuckle shape. When I first got the gloves they took a long time to wear in and in that time the knuckle armour was actually moderately uncomfortable, leaving my knuckles red and quite sore. The lack of any other armour in the glove also doesn’t give me confidence in the protection available. I would personally find an extra £10 and go for Oxford’s RP-2 leather glove, which looks better protected than this offering - but that is just my personal opinion (and budget).

Time tested

Three months/3500 miles


Quality rating


Value rating