Product Review: Richa Carbon Winter Waterproof gloves (£34.99)

What’s good about the Richa Carbon Winter Waterproof?

These gloves are warm and gave me good feel as soon as I put them on. More essentially, they are cheap as chips. They were a lifesaver when I found myself having to do my weekly 500-mile commute to Devon with a pair of broken heated grips on my VFR. The thick gloves keep the worst of the cold away from my fingers, which was essential on my long trips, which are carried out in mostly cold evenings. They close at the cuff with an elasticated drawstring that is easily operated with a gloved hand. They also have a rubber visor wipe, which is a handy addition and makes riding through the rain a little easier too.

And what’s not?

They claim to be waterproof, but on longer trips in heavy rain these gloves have failed me more than once. The leaks are especially bad around the fingers and, thanks to the thick fabric material inside, they take ages to dry out. The cuff, while being fairly easy to close, is bulky and tricky to fit under my jacket do it takes a long time to get into place adequately.

Time tested

Two months/3200 miles


Quality rating


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