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Product Review: Knox Handroid gloves (£169.99)

What’s good about the Knox Handroid gloves?

I think the Handroid gloves look really cool, although many don’t. Knox gloves seem to be an almost perfect fit for my hands, and it’s the same with the Handroids – none of the fingers are too long or too short. The kangaroo leather on the palms feels soft and supple, while the leather on the rest of the gloves feels substantial without being too bulky. I’ve been a fan of the BOA closure system on previous Knox gloves, and it feels much better on these. It operates much smoother, feels more secure and much stronger than on other Knox gloves I’ve used.

And what’s not?

They’re quite pricey and the sci-fi exoskeleton styling might not be to everyone’s tastes. They’re taking a long time to bed in and still feel a little clumsy and uncomfortable, with the Velcro wrist closure on the right wrist digging in no matter how loose I leave it. I’d also like a little more venting for warmer rides.

Time tested

Nine months/1000 miles


Quality rating


Value rating