Roland Sand Dezel gloves review (£80)

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What’s good about the Roland Sand Dezel gloves?

These retro gloves are dripping in quality and style. They not only look authentic, but feel amazing; the palms are so soft it almost feels like you’re not actually wearing gloves. The inner red lining gives them a ´70s retro flavour; I even love the single zip on the back of the hand. The embossed RSD branding is a nice touch. At £80 they’re not crazy money like some retro clothing, and the price is reflected in the quality.

And what’s not?

As they’re designed to be retro gloves there isn’t a huge amount of protection, just padded knuckles and fingers. It’s just about enough protection as obviously they’ve not been designed to be worn at speed or on track.

Time tested

10 months/1800 miles


Quality rating


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Adam Child

By Adam Child

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