Knox Handroid gloves: "These are some of the best gloves I’ve used"

Two years later and Senior Editor Matt Wildee claims the Knox Handroid gloves to be some of the best he’s used.

Time tested Two years

What’s good?

These are some of the best gloves I’ve used, offering great comfort, good feel and a sense of solidity that I find reassuring. With a kangaroo palm and leather back, they’re fully loaded with armour, including exoskeleton finger, thumb and knuckle armour, a gel pod that covers the back of the hand and a scaphoid protector. There is also the ratchet-style wrist fastener and cuff sliders. It all adds up to giving you confidence and faith in their abilities. I’ve crashed in Handroids before and I was impressed by their protective abilities and their integrity. I’ve been equally impressed with how well they’ve stood up to a lot of miles. 


What’s not?

They may be too fussy for some – and on more than one occasion the knuckle armour has popped out of its guide when I’ve pulled a brake or clutch lever in. 

Price £200

Quality 5/5
Value 3/5 

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