Product review: Racer Stone glove

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After 3000 miles and two years, these Racer Stone motorcycle gloves are perfect for those long, hot summer days of riding.

Made from leather and fabric inserts between the fingers, the back of the glove is perforated to help with cooling. There is good amount of knuckle protection which also looks very stylish.

To secure them there is a Velcro strap on the inside of the elasticated wrist. The leather is very soft and pliable, which is the main reason for them being very comfortable.

The palm offers good grip and feel for the motorcycle’s controls, which for me is very important as this is the point of contact with the bike.

Well designed in every detail, I can wear these gloves for a full day’s riding without finding red pressure marks on my hands where the occasional seam has dug in which can happen with other gloves, if it's raining.

So check the forecast before you leave home. 


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Simon Relph

By Simon Relph

Senior Designer, also known as 'Power Wolf'