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Product review: GoXtreme Pioneer Camera

After four months and 1500 miles I've been using the GoXtreme Pioneer Camera, which costs around £70 (€79.90). 

This compact full HD action cam has a 2” display, 12MP image resolution, 4K video resolution, comes with a comprehensive kit of mounts and takes a 32GB SD, which isn’t included.

There are various modes that are easy to swap between, they include the burst mode, which catches several images at once and the timelapse mode, which will shoot images at a preset interval. The wide angle lens captures a 140° view.

Camera use

I have mainly used the camera for shooting timelapse images, on continual use, the battery lasts for around 1.5 hours.

Images are crisp and clear, they can be time and date stamped, I’m not a fan of this feature as the images are obscured too much by the information.

There is a comprehensive fitting kit, with numerous brackets to fit to the bike, it’s a shame there isn’t a chest strap included, I had to purchase a generic strap at for £25.